Seated Upper Massage Book and DVD by Andrew Sceats

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Copious text and many photographs cover in depth the massage routine on the client's back, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, scalp and face. His sequence is a fusion of different styles of bodywork, and many movements such as the 'Ballerina Lift', the 'Ballerina Pirouette' and the 'Tommy Cooper Shuffle' are unique to His sequence which has been developed, and is developing, after six years of teaching. The sequence can be used as a framework for treating clients which is non prescriptive and makes allowance for a therapist's different skill, experience and fitness levels.

The book shows an ergonomic Seated Massage chair and a desktop massage unit in action. The use of massage aids and the therapist sitting down during part of the treatment are explained. The treatment of many disabled people, including those in wheelchairs, with Seated Massage is a need which has greatly been overlooked.

If a therapist wants the answers ro diverse questions such as what equipment is needed for a Seated massage treatment; how do i approach a Company; what are meridians and Tsubo points; and what is a good stretch for 'tennis elbow' this is the book to buy.

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Andrew Sceats